Useful databases on Israeli startups and investors

Whether you are a VC looking for Start-ups to scout or a Start-up looking for the right funding, having access to a plethora of connections and information is fundamental. To that end, there are several databases specifically geared to explore the Israeli ecosystem, which we have compiled in this article - and we have included a comprehensive google doc that is actively used by the community and includes both VC's and Start-ups.

Without further ado, these are some of our suggestions:


IVC Online



A powerful and personalizable resource. Their search function caters to several different users as it is personalisable not just on the field of the companies you might be looking for, but also has some parameters applicable to the key executives, giving a high degree of flexibility. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a Start-Up to succeed to have a strong personality at its reins, so the possibility of sifting through companies based on their leadership is very powerful.

It boasts the largest numbers across this list of resources, with over 9k Start-ups, 2.3k Investors, 400 Accelerators and 372 MNC's.d

On a Start-Up's page, it allows visualizing their Contacts, Management Board and a set of General information. Of note is that IVC collaborates with CrunchBase and includes features such as a Timeline of all Funding rounds registered.

The Premium plan which unlocks all these features runs at approximately $2.8k, but they provide a free 30-days trial.


Startup Nation Finder



Another powerful tool to navigate the Start-Up ecosystem that includes investors as well. It has stronger ties to academia and allows to include different parameters in its search engine. This means that Startup Nation Finder is much better geared for more academia-inclined projects, such as deep tech companies, but also includes differentiation based on whether the current round is open or not. It is also important to notice that the platform discerns between companies that have released their product and ones that are still in the development phase.

A really powerful tool that the platform has in its arsenal is that, while it does not give the contacts for companies openly, a user can request a connection directly to the Start-Up or Investor.

The tool is completely free to use after sign up with either a Linkedin account or a Google account.


Supported by Lenovo, StartupHub is a similar website to Startup Nation Finder - it allows to sift through based on the state of the round alongside more typical parameters such as the field of interest. It is however much more geared towards catering to the AI crowd, a category in which Israel leads worldwide.

Alongside their search function, they provide a plethora of insights via statistics, graphs and articles in the AI Israeli ecosystem and are a must-visit if you are even remotely interested in the field.

The tool is completely free to use.




A more simplistic search engine for Startups and Investors alike. The site is based on self-sign ups on their database, so while their search parameters and choice are limited, it is a no-nonsense tool that solves queries really quickly.

However it lacks the proper toolset at the moment to support the networking features that its competitors provide; as such it might be well suited for a first, quick search but it is not useful for more in-depth analysis.

It is completely free to use and to sign up to.


 Israeli Investment must-have table




One of our most treasured resources. As we strive to improve the Israeli Start-Up ecosystem, we have included a community-driven project that compiles a list of not only Start-Ups and Investors but also of Journalists, Workspaces, Incubators, MNCs and Contests. As it is community-driven, the information needs to be manually inputted and it can be fiddly to navigate based on what you might be searching, but it's an invaluable tool when mastered as it is incredibly expansive.

Of course, the resource is free to use - do follow the etiquette required or you might find your name under the "Unsolicited Emailers" category.


This right about rounds up the more expansive libraries of Startups and Investors in Israel.